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Monday, March 28, 2022

Top 10 New Games for Android2022



Top 10 New Games for Android & iOS January 2022 (Offline/Online)

Zaid Ali

guys, we would start with some new games so hi folks I’m Zaid. and today I’m back with 10 new games for 2021, but before we go ahead let's see if 500 readers.

now without further ado let's get please hit the follow button to my blog because it really inspires me to make more articles like this one.

 now without further ado let's get started on our top 10 list for this week starting off with 

number 10 gate of mobius.

this is a third-person shooter game where you fight with different types of magical creepy creatures and robots also you can go through either the main story mode or event mode by destroying all the enemies, you'll be rewarded with precious armor coins and weapons which then you can use to upgrade your character for the next fight personally I think it's a very interesting game that has great graphics and gameplay however for now.

the game does have a lot of problems but over time after a few updates, it might become more playable.

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Gate of Mobius Android:-

iOS: -Coming Soon

at number nine car x rally

when you grow tired of racing on asphalt car x rally will drop you in the forest and leave you with the equipment that you have but unlike the scary scenes and sensational horror movies this game will challenge your ability to grip the road fly through the mud and bring you a feeling of excitement now speaking about the graphics car x rally has amazing graphics with 60 fps frame rates they work smoothly on most mobile devices and you can manually adjust from low to ultra-overall it's better than the average racing game.

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CarXRally Android:-


number eight cyber-Rica action

this is an action-adventure rpg with a deep storyline that's set in a cyberpunk universe the game story starts from a silent street where you fight with other gang members to survive the game features a large map where you can travel via your car from one place to another now you may be thinking that.

this looks like a great open-world game but it's not you can only explore the limited area in the game for completion of quests overall it is a great top-down game but would be even better if it were a third-person perspective view in my opinion.

Cyberika: Action Android:-

 iOS: - Coming soon

at number 7 ninja Arashi 2

this is part 2 in the series of action-adventure games released by black panther once again you're accompanied by the talented hero Arashi on a new journey with some new missions it's quite similar to stickman games giving you the feeling of satisfaction over experiencing the story of the game is organized into levels overall ninja Arashi 2 is a fascinating action game with interesting content and lots of features for you to explore the controls of the game are simple and intuitive the plot is loose but interesting and the graphics are vivid within the action.

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Ninja Arashi 2 Android:-

iOS: -Coming soon

number six-block tech tank

this one's a simulation game that allows you to show your skills in building incredible vehicles for this you have access to more blocks such as wheels of different types and purposes turrets machine guns rocket launchers rocket engines and armor so you have to take all this tech and put it together into an awesome vehicle to fight against opponents on block tech and win the game has three open-world maps where you can join in two different types of events the first is the derby where it's every man for himself but in the second event you'll find a huge number of tests now. Here you need to be a bit smart and craft a suitable vehicle for passing all the tests overall it's a decent game for those who have a bit of imagination.

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Block tech tank Android:-


number 5 nitro jump racing

so, if you like cars and PVP games then you're going to love nitro jump racing this is an arcade racing game with cool 3d graphics and more than 50 thrilling tracks on these different amazing tracks. you'll participate in 1v3 matches also you can collect some coins for performance and stunts like a front flip backflip or nitro boost besides the game has tons of cars and upgrade options by which you can improve your speed acceleration rotation and stability overall it's a great free game so definitely give this one a try.

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Nitro Jump Racing Android:-



number four blood-stained ritual of the night

games and art play have launched a game called bloodstained ritual of the night for iOS and Android devices now if it looks a bit familiar it's because this is a mobile version of the very successful.

Metroid Vania launched earlier on pc and consoles this game features a huge map to explore with over 120 unique bosses and mobs to defeat with zero compromises on visual quality or gameplay fidelity from the original pc and console version so if you're an aspiring demon slayer who wants to take fade into your own hands check out the bloodstained ritual of the night.

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Bloodstained ritual of the nightAndroid:-


number three sky gambler's air supremacy

this is one of the latest releases from atypical games but it's not actually a new title rather it is a re-release of an older game that was previously delisted as you can see this is an arcade flight sim like ace combat or afterburner mostly you will use this game for solo campaigns but if you are into multiplayer setups I am glad to report that there are plenty of online modes to explore as well such as team deathmatch and capture the flag, all in all, it's a competent arcade flight sim despite being an older title making a return.

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Sky Gambler Air Supermacy Android:-


number two wilderness

wilderness is a new adventure game that's out now for iOS and I have to say it is totally different from any other open-world game that I’ve played before in most games there are puzzles or threats of enemies lurking around every corner tree or bush now this is especially true for open-world games that have endless exploration and are filled with quests for you to tackle but in the wilderness, the experience is totally different there are no enemies no quests no surprises or no jump scares of any kind and finally.

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Wilderness Android:-


 at number one Warhammer odyssey

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Warhammer Odyssey Android:-

iOS: -Coming soon

this is a new MMORPG that takes you on a grand adventure across iconic old-world locations from merrenberg and drakwal forest to the wasteland each area boasts its own visual style and enemy hordes for you to take down and it's all been rendered in impressive detail as you can see in this gameplay there are six classes in the game which players will be able to choose when you create your character and it looks fairly impressive from a visual standpoint well that's it, for now, these I’m pretty sure you will like I’m Zaid from down to the top and I hope you like this article if so then don't forget to follow my blog for more articles. just follow this and I’ll see you in the next one till then goodbye for now.

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