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Wednesday, October 26, 2022



One Night Belly Fat Cutter



One Night Belly Fat Cutter


Hello gays!

 welcome to my Health Tips and Tricks in today's Article I will be sharing with you a bedtime drink to burn belly fat and get back in shape.

 this is something warm to burn that excess belly fat it will support your system and deduct your belly fat while you sleep at night.

 so, in this Article we will be making a belly fat cutter drink which you can consume before bedtime to help you lose weight fast especially your belly fast.

Ingredients For This Drink

 Are the ingredients used in making this fat burner drink are things you can easily find around your kitchen. so to make this fat quarter drink that will enable you burn belly fat overnight. you won't be needing hot water for this recipe.

How To Make This Drink

I will be using 250 milliliter of water once I have my water poured out I will then be adding my first ingredient the first ingredient you would need to make your fat quarter drink is Cinnamon if you're someone who is trying to lose weight especially tummy fat start Adding cinnamon in your recipes.

cinnamon benefits

The First ingredient is cinnamon it’s helps in losing weight by suppressing appetite regulating blood sugar levels and speeding up metabolism speeding up your metabolism.

Cinnamon speeds up the fat burning and weight loss process this will enable you to burn fat especially belly fat while you sleep at night you can also make use of cinnamon sticks if you do not have cinnamon powder at home.

so, to make this fat cutter drink I will be using one teaspoon of my cinnamon powder if you are however making use of cinnamon sticks you will have to boil your cinnamon sticks for some few minutes.

 The Second Ingredient

I will be using to make this fat cutter drink is Ginger this is my powdered ginger but you can also make use of fresh Ginger Roots ginger also ate in weight loss as it supports your system detoxifies your system speeds up your metabolism thereby increasing the rate at which you burn that extra fat ginger also helps to control your appetite and causes you to consume less this in turn makes it easier for you to lose weight.

 So, for this fat cottage drink I will be using half a tablespoon of my ginger powder.

 The Third Ingredient is Honey

 I will be using to make my fat quarter drink is my honey make sure you are using organic and undiluted honey to make this fat burner tea honey helps to improve your digestion it kick start your metabolism and most importantly enables your body to burn fat effectively honey also helps to fill you up and control your appetite this leads to a reduction in overall calorie intake which in turn helps you to lose belly fat and shared pause while also improving your overall health. so for this bedtime weight loss tea I won't be using two tablespoons of mice only at this point you can decide to add in other ingredients like lime lemon or apple cider vinegar.

IN Take Good Time

so to take this fat courtesy you will take a cup of the tea in the morning about an hour before having your breakfast and you're also going to have a cup at night before going to bed this cheese on its own cannot give you your desired result you have to make sure you eat healthy eat a lot of vegetables and fruits avoid sugar avoid eating a lot of carbohydrates in order for you to reap the benefits also try as much as possible to avoid late night eating you have to make sure latest 8:00 PM you're done with all your meals for the day without paying attention to the things you eat they stay on its own cannot do the miracle you have to put in your personal .

 Most Important Think

you avoid junk food duration The weight loss journey

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