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Tuesday, November 8, 2022



Cockroaches Haks

Hi guys welcome to the new blog I Want to show you Home Tips and Tricks.

Ants and cockroaches disappear with this trick. I learned using this mix kept bugs away from my house. I never thought it would be so simple first for today's advice in a pot. I will add 200 milliliters of water, then I will also add five Baileys sure of all the simple ingredients. I'm using here you have in your house you will solve the problem with insects without at least spending anything. I'll put it on low heat and leave it until the water boils and then I'll carefully take the pot off the heat then I am going to transfer only the liquid to another container.

 here I am using a sieve, but you can only remove the leaves with a spoon after removing I will also add 100 milliliters of vinegar.

 when I showed this trick to my relatives, they all started using it at home too.

 now I will also add a teaspoon of yeast then I'll mix the ingredients before I forget to tell me what city you're reading my blog from, so I can send you a big hug today's hug is for Karachi Pakistan. I am glad you are enjoying our home tips. after mixing it I will add our last ingredient 100 milliliters of alcohol and mix it again with just the small amount applied to the right place insects will never enter your home again this amount can be used for a long time using only when necessary. which always makes it essential to have this mixture ready and use. it as soon as necessary to facilitate the application.


 I am going to transfer the liquid to a sprayer thus avoiding the waste of the product in addition to being better to store to prevent it from spilling. I'm going to use a funnel it can still be hot if it has been removed at the same time from the fire so always be very careful then it is just covered and ready for use you can see by the consistency that this product is not even compared to any product bought on the market.

 but the effect is what we expect and effective it can be applied directly where they already have problems with insects or distributed on furniture windows and doors which will prevent them from having contact where the product was applied. I hope you enjoyed our home tips today. I'm glad you read this blog so far see you in the next blog bye.


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