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Thursday, November 24, 2022



Cold and Cough

Cold and Cough


Your nose and throat today we're going to discuss one of the most commonly asked questions doctor. how do I know if I have a sinus infection?

 well, the truth is it can be sometimes very difficult to tell the difference between a coral which is a viral upper respiratory infection and a true sinus infection which we consider to the bacterial in the sinuses themselves.

the most important thing to distinguish the two is timing because the symptoms can be very similar the timing of a cold generally runs a course up to 10 days and then dissipates on its own so people that have typical cold symptoms such as congestion in the nose drainage facial pressure and feeling unwell can be from either or but should be improving after about seven days and pretty much gone by 10 days symptoms that get worse after seven days or are still persistent after 10 days are much more likely to be caused by a true sinus infection 

and just the cold a cold which is a viral upper respiratory infection affects all the nasal tissue and the sinuses.

 so all the nose and the sinuses are affected by the virus which causes swelling congestion and increased mucus production a true sinus infection will occur within the sinus cavities where bacterial infection.

 gets trapped within the sinuses the difference is very important because the treatment is different from a cold response to typical over-the-counter remedies and just time and patience where antibiotics are appropriate for a true sinus infection.

 the flip side is, of course, true that antibiotics are useless in a viral infection and should not be given what are the most confusing thing is that cold does cause sinusitis.

 but it is a viral sinus infection This is why the symptoms are so similar but viral sinusitis does not respond to antibiotics and This is why antibiotics should only be given if it follows the typical pattern of a sinus infection and not cold or other factors that lead your doctor to believe.

 it's a true sinus infection and not a cold such as a high fever or very severe pain limited to one of the sinus locations if in doubt if you have a cold that seems prolonged, or the symptoms are worse than normal you should be examined by your physician and get an opinion to whether they think antibiotics are appropriate or not.


Some Effective Antibiotics

Sinusitis also known as a sinus infection or rhinosinusitis is a very common condition where the paranasal sinuses are inflamed causing a congested nose headache and facial pain perinatal sinuses or air cavities in the bones of the skull there are four pairs of sinuses located at either side of the head.

there are the maxillary frontal ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses the sinuses are aligned with respiratory epithelium producing mucus the mucus drains into the nasal cavity through small openings impaired sinus drainage has been associated with inflammation of sinuses.

 when a sinus is blocked fluids build up making it a favorable environment for bacteria or viruses to grow and cause infection a typical sinusitis symptom is described as a dull pain or constant pressure commonly localized to the affected sinus the pain may worsen when the person bends over or while lying down symptoms often start on one side of the head and spread to the other side.

 acute sinusitis may also be accompanied by thick nasal discharge of yellow-greenish color sinusitis may have different causes these include allergy allergens such as pollen and pet dander may trigger an inflammatory response of the mucosa of the nose and sinuses resulting in excess mucus production nasal congestion sneezing and itching infection usually occurs as a complication of a common cold impaired sinus drainage due to inflammation of nasal mucosa during a cold often leads to infection of the sinus itself.

 cold-like symptoms plus headache facial pain or pressure or common complaints of other conditions that cause blockage of sinus drainage these include structural abnormalities such as deviated nasal septum formation of nasal polyps treatments vary depending on the cause of sinusitis for allergy intranasal corticosteroids are commonly used for viral infection symptom relief medications such as nasal spray for irrigation and decongestion other conservative treatments for common colds such as rest and drinking plenty of fluid for bacterial infection antibiotics may be prescribed for recurrent or chronic sinusitis due to structural abnormalities or nasal polyps nasal surgery may be recommended to clear up the drainage canal


Hampering the daily productivity there might be it's getting cold now and so it's cold getting warm as the seasons change many of us tend to get the common cold cough sore throat sneezing and even fever you guys might have tried numerous remedies this and that but these small issues become a pain for a week or two hampering the daily productivity their impact might be small but if not treated properly they often lead to the viral fever which then becomes frustrating this is because the holistic approach is the missing focus is only on the remedy it has overall lifestyle does not help rather it aggravates the situation.

 but don't worry in this Blog I'm going to share with you a three-step with protein that will cure your cold and cough-related problems in half the time without using a single medicine this is my go-to routine in coffee shoes and is explicitly mentioned in the screenshot text so you can swear by its effectiveness. so, without any further delay let's get started.

Step one

 Now welcome to the morning! after you are up and fresh it's time to execute step number

one of this holistic routine which is a powerful concoction to tap the root cause of all cuffs-related issues in a pan on a medium flame put one glass of water.

 to this add a little ginger.

 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric.

 4 to 5 crushed whole black pepper.

 a pinch of clove.

 extract 7 to 8 crushed Tulsi leaves.

 and mix well now you must cover the pan and let it boil and boil until the water remaining is about 1/4 of a glass.

Most Important

 the reason why it should be covered is to trap the medicinal fumes of the concoction in the container.

 since it will take about 15 to 20 minutes to boil meanwhile you can get ready for the day once you are ready with you're powerful concoction.

 will also be ready to turn off the gas and using a strainer put it in a glass.

 add a teaspoon of honey 

and a few drops of lemon.

 it now this mix is more effective than any pill or antibiotic that you would get in the market antibiotics never tap the root cause so do not waste your money on them.

 coming back if you really want to make the most of this drink drink it slowly step by step take a while enjoy it let the heating herbs cure you while running down this will greatly increase its effectiveness gulping it down won't serve the purpose and then having it slowly make sure that you do not eat for at least an hour yes it's important for maximum benefit so it's time to move to 


Step Tow

 which is to take state one of the simplest yet underrated ways to open up the blocked nose to get relief from cold is to merely take state invest in a steamer if not simply boil water in a large container sit on a comfy chair cover your face and head with a towel to trap maximum speed take a deep breath and breathe out slowly with every inhalation feel the steam moving inside your Respiratory tract steam for about 2 to 3 minutes continuously and then take risk for a minute keeping your face inside the tower do this for 10 to 15 minutes it's like pranayama with enhanced blood circulation toxins being pushed out in just one stealing session you can sense a decrease in the congestion levels steaming is effortless however there are a few precautions that you must take first of all make sure that you do not expose your eyes to the state covering them with your hands will do continuous flow of steam directly on ice can damage them secondly make sure that the room fan is off while taking steam thirdly after steam do not just immediately move out wait for two minutes let the face cool before you put off the towel OK so in the morning before breakfast you have done fairly well to tackle the cough and cold congestion within your system now there is one very important step left which we will execute before going to sleep at night but then do not just focus on the remedy itself make sure that your lifestyle is also in tune with the remedy at least until the problem persists this will double the speed of your recovery like how like this 

Step Three

Ayurvedic drops Amrit Dhara

now after you are back home you have had your dinner and you're about to sleep in about 30 minutes it's time to execute step #3 which is to apply Amrit Dhara.

 Amrit Dhara is oil like concoction made of peppermint camphor carom seeds and a few other Ayurvedic herbs Patanjali also has a similar product with the name divide I will link them both in the description box of this blog. Amrit Dhara is an age-old formula of carefully chosen 6 herbs which are especially effective in relieving the cough cold throat headache almost all sinus related issues all you need to do is take a couple of its props and massage the outer part of your lows the neck and the chest so that it can directly tap the affected area it's so intense.

 that one should use only a small quantity of it but highly effective rub it on your chest just like you would apply Vicks vapor up. Vicks vapor up doesn't even come close where Vicks vapor rub is artificially fragranced and has petroleum products. Amrit Dhara is 100% natural and plant.

 Lastly, after applying Amrit Dhara 2 one more thing which is an extended version of step #2 that it takes a team.


 it's the same drill cover with a towel take a deep breath in slow breath out for 10 to 15 minutes you can put a couple of drops of Amrit Dhara in the water to further boost the effect finally sleep well so that completes your 100% natural and airway the routine to root out the congestion from nose throat and chest area.

 to recap in the morning after you are up and fresh make a herbal concoction get ready and then sip it slowly then take steam for about 10 to 15 minutes have to breakfast and then go to work 

then 30 minutes before going to sleep at night massage Amrit Dhara on the outer parts of the nose on the neck and the chest finally takes a team for 10 to 15 minutes sleep on the left side following this holistic routine 100% not only will get over cold and cough problems quickly. but also you will prevent yourself from getting a fever I can assure you that my personal experience and ancient texts guarantee that.

 all the ingredients and products used in this routine are linked down so that you can buy them.


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