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Sunday, November 6, 2022



Toilet smell Hakes


Toilet smell Hakes

Tips and Tricks for Home
Mix balls of naphthalene in fabric softener and see what happens, you won't believe it.
start our home tip today here we have a cloth and 50 G of naphthalene with the package closed.
I will put the cloth this way and with the aid of a hammer, we will beat until the mothballs completely grind.
now let's take the clothes off the naphthalene and it was like turn to dust. Now put this powder in a container.
I will add one liter of water then we will add the naphthalene. I will open the package with scissors and then put it inside the water with the help of a spoon. we will mix everything.
my Friends always ask me what My secret of why my bathroom smells so good!!! after mixing we will need to add Alcohol vinegar.

I will put 200 milliliters I do not have a meter can put a full cup and then mix again.
now to reinforce at the time of cleaning let's put three tablespoons of detergent the brand can be of your preference and before.
I forget to tell me which city you're Reding my blog so I can send you a big hug today's hug goes to Karachi Pakistan I'm glad you're enjoying our blog

we will also need 100 milliliters of concentrated fabric softener the brand can also be your preference you can use the lid itself as a meter which is equivalent to 100 milliliters like I'm doing here and mix everything again.
after doing this tip at home come back here and comment on what you thought.
I'm sure you have all these ingredients in your home that are very accessible for everyone for sure this mixture will surprise you.
we can already notice the difference from conventional products sold on the market and finish our homemade tip today.
we will need another liter of water and remix everything well until all the ingredients are mixed with water after all mixed.
we will need an empty bottle facilitating at the time of application.
let's open the bottle I'm using a funnel so as not to waste the product just this amount is more than enough to use for at least two weeks after our mixture is in the bottle.
It will look like this and we will close here.
I have already made a small hole in the lid to facilitate the application. I will show how we will is our mixture we will apply directly to our toilet when you do you will notice that the smell here is very good it is very efficient in your day-to-day now with the brush we will scrub without much effort. you will already notice that the dirt from our toilet comes up quickly I'm glad you have watched so far I hope this tip helps you daily see you in the next blog

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