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Sunday, December 18, 2022




Hey guys,  welcome back to my new blog. I surely Homemade Turmeric Tea Mix to Get a Flat Stomach in Just Five Days. If you've tried my turmeric tea recipe, you know that it's totally possible to lose belly fat in five days and also lose three to four inches from your waistline.

 After sharing the turmeric tea recipe, I got a lot of positive feedback via email comments and private messages and thank you very much

since you tell me that you benefit from incorporating turmeric tea into your daily diet these days, I was asked for a simpler version of this turmeric tea, most of us are busy in the morning. We may not have time to drink this tea every day. tomorrow So

 Today I am sharing a turmeric tea concoction that you can DIY for a long time. You just need to take the required amount of the mixture in the morning and soak it in hot water, stir and then let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes.

 yes, it's that easy and no, you won't find this recipe anywhere on the internet. I developed this recipe mix using my observations, experience, and technique and am sharing it for the first time. Please check the description box for a list of ingredients. Check out my Turmeric Tea Recipe for more information for those new to this. to also learn more about the benefits of turmeric and how this tea can not only help you lose weight but also maintain your overall health.

So, without further ado, let's get started. Please note that I live in Kerala, the land of spices and all the ingredients I use are locally sourced. Try to get a good quality turmeric powder. The cinnamon I use is also locally sourced. This is the outer shell that contains the most nutrients. Essential Oils. I will definitely share other videos about the types of cinnamon and their benefits. This type of cinnamon may not look very good, but it is the kind of cinnamon you should use. Using high quality cinnamon is very important in this tea as it targets belly fat. Now to curb this mixture as well, I will first grind the cinnamon into a powder in a small lutenice grinder and once ground, store it in a clean glass jar for now. . Add turmeric powder then add fresh cinnamon powder and dry ginger powder and black pepper powder

and after all the ingredients are ready, the four ingredients look beautifully layered, now all you have to do is cover tightly with the lid and shake the glass so that everything is mixed evenly and my easy turmeric tea concoction is ready, you can stir it with a spoon if you like.

 Now let me show you how to make turmeric tea with this ready mix. Now, in a cup, add 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon of the prepared turmeric tea mixture and four hot boiling water, stir and let it sit for about 5 to 7 minutes

Now remember to keep the finished mixture tightlyclosed and it will keep for months. You can take it with you when traveling. You can keep a mix in your office, especially for night shift workers. Many of you ask me what to drink during night and day shift it is great for people now on night shift, for best results drink this tea in the morning on an empty stomach and have breakfast just 30 to 40 minutes after you drink it. tea to try this recipe and let me know how it went, thanks for watching and see you next time, take care.

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