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Sunday, November 13, 2022


 Anti-Aging Secrets


Anti-Aging Secrets

Japanese secret to having your skin 10 years youngers

Hi, guys welcome to a blog! I Want to show you about health Tips To make this recipe we will need a medium potato and we will peel it because we will not use the peel after removing the peel, we will grade it on this part of the grater because we want to remove as much of the potatoes pulp as possible. 

after grating, the potato is put in a sieve and removed all the liquid from it if you want you can put it in a cloth and wring it out while(it's practical) I'm doing this. remember to mention your city so I can say hello and send you a big hug. after removing all the liquid put it away we will use it later in a container and put all that grated potato.

 then add three tablespoons of milk this is our skin cleanser mix until smooth. okay person our recipe is ready to leave it aside I will explain the after few lines of the blog how to use it.

 now let's make the cream that will help remove wrinkles take the liquid that I told you to reserve now and add the white of one egg. then one tablespoon of rice flour to make this rice flour it is very easy just beat the rice in a blender and it is ready.

 mix everything until it's very homogeneous I want to remind you again to comment on your city today's hug goes to my best friend Jaseca from Uganda now our recipe is ready our two recipes are ready.


now I will explain to you how you are going to apply this first you must wash the spot with water then you take the first recipe which would be the skin cleanser use a cotton pad or your hand to make circular movements and put it everywhere you want to clean after doing this leave it on for 5 minutes then remove it with water.

Second, Apply

 now you must use the second recipe and apply it in the same place that you use the first recipe this recipe is very good it will surprisingly reduce wrinkles. I guarantee you will thank me this is a natural product without chemicals and it will work when you finish applying you should leave it on for 30 minutes then remove it with water and apply your moisturizer.

 guys this recipe lasts in the fridge for three days so use it before that time if you read this far means that you liked it then leave me a note here and share. so I can know if you like it or not also tell me your city so I can greet you and send you a big hug the hug today goes jogging from eject. thanks for reading and sharing any questions just comment I'll be here to stay with awareness.

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