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Monday, November 14, 2022




Baby Face Glow


Get Baby Skin in just 5 minutes!! A recipe that will leave you with baby skin this recipe is also used on hair but the effect on the skin is much more extraordinary than on the hair your skin will feel like silk clean and very soft. 

shall we learn in a bowl add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch? cornstarch in addition to moisturizing the hair also leaves the skin soft removes excess oil and is also great for those with pimples and acne tendencies.

 add two spoons of sugar it can be brown or refined it will make a micro exfoliation on the skin as a super moisturizing effect and when you use it the skin is super .

 I added two spoons of honey the honey has antioxidant action has minerals that leave the skin soft and silky with velvety touch you can use it on all skin types and to finish.

 I put two spoons of milk. milk has high moisturizing power fights aging of the skin and leaves that soft touch it is wonderful to use milk on the skin.


 after putting all the ingredients in the jar you will mix them well with a spatula or spoon until they form a homogeneous mixture.

 tell me where you are read the blog from I like to know how far our work has come to this blog is coming from Saudi 

after mixing well just apply on the skin there is no secret the skin needs to be clean and dry because it will already hydrate after applying the mixture you will leave it acting for five to 10 minutes five is the minimum time. 


you can make this recipe once a week and if you take out the sugar you can make it more often, I'll give you 3 very Cooking tips for you to improve even more the appearance and health of your skin exfoliate every fortnight never sleep without removing your makeup and finally use the right products for your skin type these tips are essential. Until the next blog bye.

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