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Monday, September 11, 2023

how to look 10 years younger


How to Look 10 Years Younger

How to Look 10 Years Younger

Anti-aging hacks

This article discusses how to treat fine lines and wrinkles and achieve a more youthful appearance naturally. It explores different methods and tips for obtaining younger, healthier-looking skin without the use of chemicals.

The article also addresses the desire to look 10 years younger and offers guidance on achieving a beautiful and glowing complexion.

This article discusses what to do and what to do. what are the leading causes by which our skin gets damaged and gets wrinkled?


Why the skin is damages?

(1)     So first let's get start about the causes what causes damages.

what I have seen my practice the biggest cause is stress .

stress causes lots of production of free radicals’ free radicals are the stuff that damages our skin.

 that's why I always say to smile more to stay happier.

anti aging and whitening cream

(2) the second most common cause that I have seen is because of the use of not right creams and lotion. what

people they generally see on YouTube or in Google search or on the Instagram or somewhere in social media.

 They are applying this cream there will be very good effects that cream will be good effects and about the steroidal creams and they start using it.

they get the result but it's for the short period of time what happens is if you use it for a long period of time.

they use steroidal cream, and it thins your skin, and it can also cause the Allergies also it will damage your skin

causing wrinkles fine lines and many other problems even it causes the hair growth on the face and the spots on the face. so never ever do this.

(3) the third reason

(3) the third reason of wrinkles and fine lines are doing micro needling cupping, or the peeling of the skin continuously means you are doing it more often than needed or you have started doing coupling needling or the peeling of the skin in early age these things are good if you

are above 40 - 45 below this I don't think you need these all procedures.

 if a person does this what will happen slowly slowly the skin will lose its elasticity, and this will cause wrinkles.

if you want to maintain the elasticity of your skin don't do these procedures.

the Another cause is dry skin yes if your skin is too dry or you're using any of the cream or lotions or face wash that makes your skin oil free too much oil free then it can damage your skin your skin will be too much oil free there will be no nourishment no moisturization and this will cause the formation of the wrinkles and fine lines either you are living in a country where it's too cold these all things and you are not moisturizing your skin this can cause the wrinkles and fine lines

fourth reason

(4)the last cause that I have noticed it is because of the sunburn or the uv radiations when a person is exposed too

much to the sun rays then it can cause damage to the skin and this can cause the wrinkles.

What does glutathione do to your body?

so we should avoid these stuff what we should do is start doing exercises because if you do exercises your body will make glutathione, it will make collagen, and your body will absorb all the vitamins, and minerals from the food that you are eating.

What are the main 13 vitamins?

 The second thing you have to do is to eat right because how you will get vitamins and minerals you will not eat food those are rich in vitamins and minerals rich vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C vitamin E vitamin a These kinds of stuff don't concentrate specifically on vitamin C vitamin E vitamin a rich food.

 I'll say just eat the home cooked food is always good try to eat only that food and you will see good results in your overall health.

 The second recommendation is very important but very easy that's oiling your face only if you don't have acne you have to massage your face for five minutes every single day as you brush your teeth as you eat in that way make it also a habit of doing massage of your face in the morning or in the evening as you are comfortable to take a little bit of oil and do good massage of your face just do this make it a habit and you will see you are not going to get wrinkles soon.

now which oil to use any oil that suits your skin grapeseed oil coconut oil pomegranate oil whatever oil suits.

Use oil to hydrate Skin

you do with this if someone asks me which ayurvedic oil to use I will always say to use this is the best herbal oil This is made by a combination of lots of herbs Use this oil this is just fantastic you will see beautiful results only if this oil is of good quality it's not a sponsored which the company that i like which I recommend people to use this is cortical firm this is cortical and their kum kumadi i feel is the best in the market i haven't tried all if you have tried any of them and you feel good go with that but the few that i have tried or that I have bought in all of them I felt this is the best one so you can go with that otherwise choose as you are comfortable if your skin is too oily then little bit of oil will do good either just go with aloe vera gel just take aloe vera gel and do a good massage for five minutes .

you must do is three to four minutes of exercise of your face. our face have almost 40 muscles in it so we have to do exercises as if you want our biceps to build we will do exercises then only we will get good biceps muscles in that way if you want your muscles of your face to be tight you don't want it to sag then you have to do exercise of your face muscles also there are lots of variants of doing exercises one way is to hold the spoon in between your lips then there are many of these kinds of exercise i hope you know these all things there are lots and lots methods of exercise everyone have talked about them so do any of the exercise that you want it's not going to be for long three minutes four minutes are going to be sufficient but you have to do it every single day. so just giving eight minutes every single day five minutes of oiling three minutes of exercise this is going to be the treatment you don't need any of the creams.

i know many people who do only this they haven't applied any of the expensive creams’ lotions nothing. They live natural life, and they look really very young maybe some of you who are do follow these rules of beauty if you do so let us know in the comments down below because we

all will get educated we'll get confidence that yes, these things work I have seen in my previous blog people

have written that they don't apply any of the creams or lotions they just do the exercises, and they eat right and they don't have any of their wrinkles and they are of good age so believe in this that small things are the treatment expensive creams they are not the treatment they are short-term.

follow the thumb rule of the beauty that is beauty comes from inside out not from outside in so eat right do exercises do the massage of your face do some exercises and you are beautiful doing these things are going to make you look more beautiful i believe in this smile more stay happy stay healthy.

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